Unique Physique's Pole Princess


Alex started Pole Dancing in 2010, being a former Ballet Dancer she loves the theatrical and artistic ways you can express yourself within the sport. Alex took a 2 year break to have her two beautiful children, Zion and Arianah, since becoming a mother she has found a deeper appreciation and love for the sport.
‘I’m Mummy all day, vomit stained clothes, unwashed hair, the works.. Sexy hey! Pole gave me the chance to be something else for an hour. For the first time in years I felt empowered. I felt sexy, yeah that’s right SEXY! Unwashed hair and all. I loved pole before but didn’t realise how much it did for my self-esteem (and sanity) until I became a Mother’. Alex is now a proud co-owner of Unique Physique Pole and Fitness and loves watching the amazing impact the sport has on her students.