Frequently asked


Wear comfortable clothing, preferably shorts with your skin exposed from your knee down. Classes are done in bare feet or comfortable heels.
You grip to the pole with your skin, so avoid moisterising the day of your class and leave all jewellery at home.
Please bring water and a towel.

That’s great you want to try! Our classes are designed to teach you pole dancing and to increase your fitness and strength.

A typical class will start with a dynamic warm up with stretching, your instructor will lead you through strength exercises and teach you pole dancing moves. Finish off with a relaxing cool down and stretch.

We have XPole Xpert 45mm Poles in Stainless Steel and Brass. Our poles are 4 metres tall and can be both static and spinning.

If you cannot make one of your classes, please contact the studio ASAP. We will do our best to book you in to a make-up class that week or term so you do not miss out on any content but we cannot guarantee a booking as many courses have full classes.
All make-up classes must be made up within that term. If you cannot make up one of your classes within the term, you forfeit that class.

Yes! If you want to do more than one course please check our What We Offer page for prices.